Exercise During Pregnancy: Update on Research, Guidelines and Clinical Relevance

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A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very important in the development of a healthy baby. Many women are interested in being active during pregnancy but are concerned about doing too much. In fact, because of the obesity epidemic, it may be that women are not being active enough, as physical inactivity during pregnancy and post-partum may be one potential pathway for obesity and disease development by excessive pregnancy weight gain and post-partum weight retention. Some of the benefits of being physically active during pregnancy include prevention of gestational diabetes, hypertension and excessive pregnancy weight gain, improvement in heart and lung health and stamina for labour and birth with improved recovery after delivery. The updated 2013 PARmed-X for Pregnancy is a Canadian tool that can be used for medical pre-screening to ensure a low risk obstetric pregnancy and to provide guidelines for exercise during pregnancy. Promotion of active living during pregnancy is imperative and women with a low risk pregnancy can continue or start an exercise program. This is an important first step towards a healthy lifestyle for women and their families. Healthy moms = healthy babies! Dr. Michelle Mottola is the presenter for this webinar.

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